February 07, 2012

Nina Dobrev shares her fitness secrets in Seventeen Magazine Fitness Edition

Nina credits her fitness largely to religiously practicing yoga, which she declares she is 'obsessed with'. If you haven't tried yoga yet, you have to give it a go. I have just started practising yoga myself and it works muscles I have never felt before. It's an amazing workout and shaped my arms and abs in literally two weeks.

I like to do Bethenny's (from real housewives of NYC) yoga DVD, see a video clip here. It's good to try a video at home if you don't have the confidence to go to a gym class or you need to build up the confidence to start going to one.

Nina also loves to cook and like me, she loves to bake! To read more about Nina, here in an extract from an interview with Seventeen Magazine:

17: How did you learn to cook?

ND: I learned by watching and helping my mother in the kitchen. I also learned by trial and error. Even though I'm big on recipes, I love to make up my own dishes and when you take a risk in the kitchen, you learn a lot about food!

17: What is your "go to" comfort food?

ND: My favorite is Peanut-Butter Puffins with unsweetened vanilla almond milk!

17: Do you have a favorite cooking memory?

ND: Over the holidays is when I have the most occasions to cook and bake. My mom and I went to several holiday parties. One of my favorites was an ugly Christmas sweater party! I took my mom to a vintage store and we bought the most ridiculous, yet amazing sweaters. After that, we spent the entire day baking! I'm not kidding, like 6 hours. I have a giant baking book, so I close my eyes and pick a random page. Whatever it is, I try to bake it! So my mom and I did that together. The kitchen was such a mess, but we laughed so hard and listened to enough Christmas songs to last me a lifetime.

17:Being so busy filming Vampire Diaries memories?

ND: There have been a million. This is a very special group of people and together we've experienced some pretty amazing things. In the last three years, I feel like we've gone through everything. On set as our characters we've gone through every emotion and experience. We've laughed, we've cried, lost family and friends, and gotten dressed up for the many Mystic Falls lavish events. In real life, we've done big things like go on trips together — for my 21st birthday we all went to Vegas — and really simple, little things like dinners and watch movies. The girls and I go on annual Labor Day weekend trips — I don't think I've ever laughed harder. We're really lucky.

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