February 27, 2012

Model Kate Upton's weight loss

The stunning new comer Kate Upton had to tone up fast to make sure her body was camera ready in preparation for her Sports Illustrated shoot. The rising star, described by her friends as very 'unaffected', has a relaxed approach to diet and fitness, which was starting to take a toll on the model's gorgeous figure.

Amping up her gym sessions helped Kate get back into shape, with the help of a personal trainer. Despite attempting to reshape her diet, Kate admits she has an undeniable sweet tooth and never deprives herself, eating any food that she likes. Being a curvy girl, Kate is happy to stay that way, and she think she looks much sexier than the typical waif-thin model. I think it's a great change.

Girls have a sweet tooth that I've found men quite often can't really fully appreciate! To satisfy your cravings, try sugar-free dark chocolate, greek yoghurt with natural honey or one of my skinny sweet recipes. This way you never have to feel deprived but can still stay healthy.

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