May 24, 2012

Jessica Simpson, when she was a newlywed in daisy dukes

Okay so the last few years for Jessica Simpson may have been quite different from the way we first go to know her, but Miss Simpson is still my poster girl for how to get your body into the best shape of your life. There is no questioning that when Jess was preparing for donning her daisy dukes, she trained intensely and reshaped her eating habits.

Let's take a trip down memory lane shall we....

In 2005, Jess was on a strict regime to ensure she did justice to the Daisy Duke character.

"When I found out I got the role, I went straight to the gym," says Simpson, who hired trainer Michael Alexander, a longtime friend, to work with her six days a week for a month before the shoot and three to four times a week during filming. 

"Any character that has a pair of shorts named after her, you've gotta at least try to make the shorts look as good as you possibly can." Jess also realized her derriere was going to be plastered on 50-ft. screens everywhere, and that was the ultimate motivation.

The actress also said no to her food favorites like bread and banana pudding and adopted what Alexander calls the "Don't Eat Crap Diet": a South Beach Diet-style low-carb, high-protein menu of mostly grilled chicken, fish and green vegetables. 

"I can't deprive myself of things because then I obsess about it and end up eating it anyway," she said. If she did go overboard with her treats, Jess would do an extra intense workout to compromise. "I watched my diet and was in the gym to walk proud," she says. "My body is definitely an accomplishment."

Now Miss Simpson has just had her first child, baby girl Maxwell, with soon to be husband Eric Johnson. So cute.

Jessica Simpson Pregnant Belly Pic

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