March 16, 2017

Tammy Hembrow - how to look just like her

Known for her super fit bod, gorgeous family and love for fashion Tammy Hembrow has got seriously instagram famous. Having more than four million followers on her page, Tammy has shown off her engagement to her baby daddy, two pregnancies, her toned body post-pregnancy and her super sexy outfit combos. Tammy shows off her seriously fit physique after two babies, and women want to know how she does it.

Tammy focuses on a high protein diet and introduces carbs to her meal plan when she wants to bulk areas (like her booty!). She advocates one cheat meal a week, she loves to indulge in pizza and donuts but reminds her followers to keep it to one meal and not one week! Despite being a busy mum, Tammy works out up to six times a week combining gym workouts with at-home routines. Most of her workouts are weight based and she includes cardio by performing high repetitions with no rest.

See her high-intensity booty work out here:

When Tammy is at the gym, she likes to get her workouts done efficiently and works hard to get great results. See an example of her routine here:

Her diet includes:

Breakfast - 50grams of oats mixed with water and 1 scoop of protein powder
Lunch - Chicken and broccoli
Dinner - Turkey mince with vegetables and rice
Snacks - Rice cakes with peanut butter, protein shake
Treat - Chocolate covered goji berries

For more information on Tammy, her workout programs and diet plans, check out her website here.