February 23, 2012

3 easy steps to make candied rose petals

Taken from http://photos.weddingbycolor.com 
Vogue Living has a beautiful blog and spending a quiet Friday evening traipsing their site, I found this gorgeous post on how to make candied rose petals. 
As a tribute to one of America's best-known restaurants Chez Panisse on its 40th birthday, David Prior showed how to make candied rose petals, which adorns many of the restaurants beautiful desserts.

How to make candied rose petals:
1. To produce candied rose petals gently pluck the individual petals from unsprayed roses. 
2. With a soft-bristle paintbrush, carefully paint with egg whites.
3. Cover in fine organic sugar. Leave candied petals to dry on a rack.

Serve them the Panisse way, atop a Rose Geranium Pavlova.
This recipe appeared as part of ‘Organic Uprising’, a story by David Prior on pages 63 to 69 of Vogue Living Sept/Oct 2011.

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