October 07, 2012

Funny girl Jenna Marbles reveals her diet and fitness secrets

Jenna Marbles is a you tube darling, renowned for her funny and candid views of 'a day in the life' of a modern female.

Jenna tells Shape.com about her diet and exercise regime:

I know you guys ask me all the time about my diet/exercise. I explained in a vlog a little while back that I try to keep a vegan diet 6 days a week and have a cheat day in there so I don’t go cray cray so that still hasn’t changed. But my workouts are always all over the place because I like to keep it new and different. I can’t just go into the gym, do my cardio, lift weights, and repeat every day until I die. That’s not fun to me. 

I like to do different stuff and as I said in my diet/exercise video I usually love to do fitness on demand straight from the TV at my house. (I have Comcast, so it’s under OnDemand and then Fitness and there’s like a million billion things in there to keep you busy from your house). But this month I’m doing Bob Harper’s bikini workout from Shape Magazine and let me tell you, this jumpoff will make you break a sweat for sure.

You do all of the moves/reps as listed with no rest in between, then repeat the entire set for a second time 2-3 days a week. 4-5 times a week you get your cardio in, know what I mean? I love the Biggest Loser, so I thought I’d give my 2nd favorite trainer a shot (Jillian still reigns supreme, she’s got some killer DVD’s and workouts OnDemand for those of you that are interested).

Tryin to get my butt to look all tight and shit.

Check out the Shape.com workout from Bob Harper.