April 02, 2013

Fitness Model's Workout and Diet Plan

Here is a sample plan of a workout schedule and diet plan to follow to achieve a fitness model physique, which won't be as bulky as a bodybuilder but will be toned and lean. For sample menu plans, click here.

Plan to workout with weights 4 days a week, and if you have some fat you need to blast, you add 2 days of cardio, no less than 25 minutes and no more than 45 minutes. For example:

Monday is always going to be Upper Body

Tuesday is always going to be Legs

Wednesday is Cardio

Thursday is Glutes and Abs

Friday is Upper Body and Legs (mini workouts)

Saturday is Cardio

Sunday is your OFF-Active Rest Day, and also Food Prep Day (grocery shopping and meal planning)

Start every workout with a warm up. Warm up simply by walking in place, then moving side to side, and then picking up the intensity to say maybe jumping jacks, and then running in place. Aim for a warm up for at least for 5 minutes.

Pick Three Exercises PER Body Part.

Perform 8-12 reps for 3 sets, at a challenging weight where the last 8-12 are hard to finish.

25 Minute Cardio Workout:

Fitness models focus on keeping their heart rates down, not allowing them to start burning off their hard earned muscle mass.

Fitness models rarely run, because this too "eats at their muscle mass," and makes them flabby.
Fitness models aim at no more than 25-to-45 minutes of cardio, unless it's time to compete, where they bump it up.

Don't run or try to embrace another form of low impact cardio. Fitness models and other professionals lean towards the "no running" principle because it's known to "eat away" at the muscle you work so hard to gain.

Don't work against yourself and defeat your progress by running. It takes a lot of energy with no real gains, except for cardiovascular. You can receive cardiovascular benefits from other low impact versions such as using the Elliptical, Nordic Track, Air Stepper, and the Stair Master.

Don't do less than 25 minutes, or more than 45 minutes. This "magic zone" between 25-to-45 burns fat. If you do more than that your body "hits a plateau" and your body "hits a wall" and you slows/stops your progress.

Don't overtrain! If you overtrain, your appetite will increase and you will start eating like a 250-pound football player and not a fitness model. Rather do just enough to blast fat, and not to hit a plateau. Again if you overtrain, your body will "lock up" and not allow you to burn the fat off that you need too, because it will reach a state of "shock," thus holding onto the fat.

Sample Meal Plan:

Meal 1 (Breakfast): 5 egg whites + 1 yolk, 0% plain Greek yogurt
Meal 2 (Post Workout): Protein shake
Meal 3 (Lunch): 1 chicken breast, sliced over spinach salad + tomatoes, red onions, snow peas (no dressing)
Meal 4 (Afternoon): Almonds, chopped veggies
Meal 5 (Dinner): chicken stir fry
Meal 6 (Evening): 0% cottage cheese with pepper OR 0% plain Greek yogurt OR protein shake.

For more meal plans, click here

For sweet treats, try these recipes:


  1. thanks, i really enjoy reading your blog..
    u r right, i recently do a tons of high intensity cardio and i found my appeptite increase HUGELY!!

    1. Thank you so much! It's lovely to hear from my readers. Make sure you subscribe to my blog and you can get my weekly posts in your mailbox :) Good luck on your health and fitness journey x

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  2. HI Amy,
    Just wondering do you have a specific meal plan - or the one above you repeat every day?? I think yoghurt makes me really full/bloated as Ive been eating basically what you say above (however I do add about 15g oats and occasional pumpkin to meals)..should I skip these carbs? And what could I subsititue for yoghurt if it isnt working for me...
    Thanks heaps

    1. Hi Candice,

      I am going to write a post today on alternative meal plans to follow which will give you options to mix it up. I find yoghurt bloats me too, which is usually from the lactose. I have my egg whites will spinach and mixed vegetables or fruit to replace the yoghurt. You can replace the evening snack with a small piece of fruit and a peppermint tea. A small amount of carbs, especially the ones you are eating, is perfectly fine because it gives you energy and you will need that if you are training!

      Hope this helps x


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