September 05, 2014

Renee Somerfield Diet and Fitness Routine + Vegan Fitness Model Meal Plan

 Apart from being super gorgeous, Renee Somerfield always seems genuinely happy and bright, with her positive energy oozing from every sexy shot she posts on Instagram. Her insane looks have attracted lots of attention from admirers, including plenty of girls crowning her as their ultimate fitspo. While Renee is a devoted vegan and stays active, she does admit she's "definitely always been skinny."

She reveals, "My physique is naturally very petite and I am quite tall (5’10). Growing up, this felt very awkward but I have grown to love and embrace my body! I work hard to keep my body looking healthy and fit, which means eating 6+ times a day and working out with resistance and weights to make sure I maintain lean muscle… I don’t like looking too skinny!"

A passionate vegan (for over five years), Renee finds it easy to eat healthy as she tried to keep her food the way mother nature intended avoiding animal products such as meat and dairy and following a plant-based diet. A typical day would include organic muesli, fruit, salad on rye bread or organic muesli, veggie pattie burgers, and wholegrain pastas. For more ideas on how to eat vegan, check out Renee's fellow fitness model and bestie Sheridyn Fisher's daily meal plan.

Enjoying her food, Renee loves to cook and uses a vegan cook book to make Thai dishes with veggies & tofu, tacos or burritos with beans and chilli (she touts herself the burrito queen), baked veggies with hummus or vegetable soup with beans and pasta. When eating out, Renee finds it easy to spot a healthy option on the menu or asks for her food to be prepared adjusting to her vegan diet. She also isn't afraid to treat herself in a healthy way like her fave dessert of chocolate soy ice cream or the occasional cocktail.

To stay lean and toned, Renee keeps moving and focuses on being strong and not skinny. Despite her diet and fitness routine, she stresses "Confidence comes from how you feel." Eating well comes from a belief to nourish her body with healthy, natural and nutrient-rich foods. Renee also think her positive mind set helps to maintain her desire to stay fit, keep her skin glowing and nail and hair strong. Giving her body love and respect is why Renee eats well and stays active, avoiding alcohol, processed foods, caffeine and getting adequate sleep.

Considering her crazy busy schedule, which includes doing two shoots a day in all different environments, Renee has plenty of energy and enjoys shooting outside, especially on beaches or exotic locations. Her bubbly and gracious personality sees her hired again and again, and those stunning looks help merchandise to fly off the shelves. Her instagram account alone has 750 000 followers and counting. A couple of selfies have fans going gaga over her amazing body and vivacious looks. This isn't by accident either as Renee tailors what she posts to create a specific image which the media has quickly picked up on calling her one of the best in the 'sexy selfie' game.

Renee agrees, "It's all about the content, I share what I'm doing everyday and that's usually in a bikini," she says. "As I've turned my Instagram and social media into a business, I make sure the content will benefit that."

Well the girl knows what sells!

Other than her strong sense of business and work ethic, one of Renee's top priorities is staying active. When it comes to spending time in the gym, Renee much prefers staying active outside to keep her workouts fun and outdoors. Her favourite ways to exercise are through long distance running, walking her dogs, sand dune sprints and Pilates with weights. It's no surprise as a passionate vegan, Renee is a big animal lover and her dogs often feature on her Instagram and once you see the size of one of them, you will imagine it keeps her running around! She also keep handy equipment on the go with her, like resistance band which allows her to exercise in hotel rooms.

Renee advises, "If you loathe going to the gym (like me!) then try an outdoor class, swap the treadmill for the sand or go for a bike ride with a friend. Working out is meant to be fun, not a chore!" A healthy lifestyle is a year-long habit for Renee who doesn't do any emergency dieting or extra training before a shoot.

"I believe in a healthy lifestyle, not a quick-fix diet. Making sure I am eating clean and moving my body ensures I am always bikini ready!"

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