February 07, 2012

Ashley Tisdale's diet plan and work out tips

Miss Tisdale has always been naturally thin but in the past few years, she has become more aware of the importance of good nutrition and fitness. After hurting her back during filming, Ashley realised she needed to strengthen her core and watch her diet.

Now Ashley's diet consists of six meals per day and she avoids refined carbohydrates. She favours apples, hummus, celery, almond butter, fish, steak or turkey. Six times a week, she practices kick boxing and weight lifting during one-hour-sessions with her personal trainer, and she often hits the gym or dance studio.

Kick boxing is great for cardio. It’s great for your abs and your whole body. Weight training is great for toning up and leaning up without bulking up. But the kickboxing is really amazing because it just works everything at once,” she explains.

The actress says that all her efforts are not about losing weight, but about being toned and feeling good about herself. "I always make time for it, because not only is it healthy for you, but it also relieves my stress," she has said. "I’m so busy doing stuff and I get stressed a lot that working out takes me away from that."

The High School Musical star also eats a high protein, low carb diet but tries not to limit herself too much. "Sunday’s my day off, where I eat whatever I want," she has said. "I don’t not let myself have something. I do love French fries and bread."

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