February 02, 2012

How to do a high bun at home in 6 easy steps

I have heard a theory; the bigger the hair, the smaller your body will look. Now, this is not entirely why I tried this new hairstyle but I have to agree, it did make me feel very regal and sophisticated, which gave me confidence and thus made me feel slimmer. I figure that anything that makes you feel that way has got to be a good thing. Although I must say high buns are very dramatic but for the right occasion, they can look absolutely stunning. What's more, the hairstyle is surprisingly easy to achieve at home.

My bun looks very BIG but I have very thick and long hair; I haven't used any hair piece to create this look. I also do not have a problem with big hair - in fact, I LOVE big hair. However, if you have thinner or shorter hair, your bun will not look as dramatic but then again, you may prefer it that way. You can get a foam donut to create a bigger bun look but try without first and then decide if your hair needs more help in the volume department. Also, obviously the more you tease, the more volume your bun will have.

To create a teased high bun, you will need:

* hairspray
* a teasing comb
* two secure hair ties
* bobby pins and wide toothed hair pins
* a hairbrush


1. Thoroughly brush your hair and scrape up into a high ponytail. Secure with two hair ties for extra support. If you have quite thin hair, one hair tie will suffice.
2. Separate your pony tail into two pieces.
3. Tease one half of the pony tail and repeat with the other half.
4. Using your hair pins and bobby pins, wrap one half of the pony tail around the front of the pony tail base and secure.
5. Wrap the other half of your teased pony tail around the back of the pony tail base, securing the edges with pins.
6. Spray with hairspray to finish, smoothing down any loose bits of hair around the nape of your neck and tucking away with pins.

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