February 27, 2012

Making your cookies look professional with cookie moulds

Taken from Bakerella
Using a cookie mould produces biscuits that look straight from a decadent European biscuit tin but are made with your own efforts. In the picture above, taken from Bakerella, these cookies are made with plain heart-shaped biscuits topped with moulded pink fondant icing. The fondant is secured with some frosting.

Cookie moulds can also be used to produce biscuits with decorative imprints, like the picture below (this is what they were originally designed for.) These can be a little trickier to make because when the cookie dough rises, it can skew the imprint and distort the desired image.

Taken from House on the Hill
Some tips to baking cookies with moulded shapes is to:
  • let the cookies set adequately after removing them from the oven - leave them to cool completely.
  • roll the dough to the correct width; if it is too thick, it will rise too much and distort the image and if you roll the dough too thinly, the cookie can become too crisp and the image can also be affected.
You can buy cookie moulds at House on the Hill and there are some gorgeous prints just in time for Easter.

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