May 21, 2012

Are you feeling food shamed? Telling your diet's truth

Yes yes we heard you, you eat burgers and fries all the time, you're just a total pig. You just have one of those 'fast metabolisms.' We've heard it all before. Celebs like Cameron Diaz speak of their relaxed food plans yet never ever seem to put on any weight? But are they telling the truth? Or maybe the more important question is, why do they feel they have to lie?

Liarexia, as it has been dubbed, is the notion that people eat large amounts of food (or a particular type of food) in public yet strictly limit their portions in private. For fear of being attacked for their food choices, they feel the need to hide their dietary habits by copying what their friends are eating when in social settings.

Women are more critical of their friends’ food choices than men are; one psychologist says, “if you’re overweight and trying to lose weight people will reassure you that one treat won't hurt, but if you’re slim, other women often feel judged if you refuse food — as if you’re highlighting their own lack of control.”

I think it is terrible to judge anyone's food choices, whether you think someone is eating 'too healthy' or 'not eating healthy enough.' Unless there is cause for great concern, let's just revert back to that good old saying, 'it's none of your business!' In my mind, it is quite ridiculous to judge someone else for making healthy food choices.

Women should not feel ashamed to eat a burger if they want, or to eat a salad if they want. The food choices you make are your own prerogative. We all need to be honest about what we want to eat and like to eat to avoid developing disordered eating habits. If what someone else is eating bothers you, the real question may lie with how you really feel about what you are eating. 

Celebs who 'own' their healthy eating and exercise routines are the ones that give the best message to young women - because ladies, nine times out of ten, these bodies don't come for free!

Molly Sims admitted that she must stick to a strict regimen to stay fit and toned. Instead of laying on the couch and snacking on chips all day, she works out at least five days a week and eats a high-fiber, low-calorie diet. 

Jennifer Aniston didn't get her body by eating junk food and skipping exercise. The former "Friends" actress knows that she's over 40 and needs to work extra hard to maintain a fit figure. Her diet consists of high protein foods and lean carbohydrates like oatmeal and brown rice. She also does cardio workouts three times a week and yoga exercises two times a week. 
Since Jessica Alba grew up in an overweight family, she could have easily packed on the weight herself. The feisty Latina, however, put herself on a healthy eating plan when she was just 12 years old. Ever since then, she has been cooking her own meals with healthy ingredients and exercising for an hour each day.

Eating healthy isn't just better for your shape, it is working towards a healthier you, and that is nothing to be ashamed about.

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