May 03, 2012

Tanning slim tricks - my favourite tanning products

There is no question that a tanned body is a slimmer body and with the thousands of fantastic tanning products out there, it is easier than ever for anyone to have the perfect golden tan. I more than any know the perils and triumphs of fake tanning, and over the years I have discovered what works best for me and my skin type. I am very fair and luckily don't have too many freckles but I do wear a lot of sunscreen and stay out of the sun to maintain my clear skin. What is good about many tanning products is that they come in varying degrees of strength, so I may get a stronger product because my skin is very light but if you already have brown/olive skin, you probably will only need to enhance your glow. The products I talk about in this post are my traditional favourites and some new finds. Let me know what you think are the best products out there or if you agree with mine.

Most of the St. Tropez range is amazing and I think they are probably the superior fake tanning products. This new range (on the left) from the brand is a natural fake tan made with vegetan. It gives the most amazing gradual colour, smells fantastic and is very easy to apply, very similar to a light moisturiser, which also makes it very nourishing for the skin.

Another fantastic product is this St Tropez bronzing lotion (pictured on the right). This is a good product to use if you need some instant colour. It does look super dark when you squeeze out some lotion, but it will quickly blend into your skin. I often apply two layers if I need a deeper tan. This product is also good to use for beginner tanners (or tired tanners) because you can see the product going onto your skin and can blend any streaks straight away. I have this in the bathroom at all times.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is such a great product and I have been using it for years. It is extremely versatile, comes in a range of colours and is easy to use. I usually buy the tan glow colour and use it on my legs, arms and chest. I sometimes even mix a little into my foundation to make sure my neck and face are blended with my chest. To make sure the colour goes on evenly, I mix the spray with a small amount of moisturiser so I can coat my skin with the colour. If spraying directly onto your skin, make sure you cover the area in old towels or newspaper because this is like liquid make up. It's basically like airbrushing the perfect tan colour all over - I love it!

There's a lot of different spray tanning cans on the market, but many even I find difficult to use to achieve an even colour. I think it's easiest to use one that has instant colour, that way you can see where you have sprayed, and where you haven't with no nasty surprises the next day. I actually think most of the supermarket brands of spray tanners like L'oreal Sublime Bronze are the easier to use as opposed to buying the Model Co. tanning sprays or St.Tropez, which I find both hard to use. This L'oreal one sprays on evenly, you can easily spray upside down and I rub it into my skin afterwards to make sure it's all blended. These are a great way to tan your back if you don't have an assistant on hand :)

I think my favourite bronzing powder would have to be the Model Co. Glow Bronzer Powder. It has the best colour when applied to cheek contours, nose and collarbone. It also lasts on your skin for a good few hours and you get a lot of product in the compact with a generous sized mirror for on-to-go applications.

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