March 13, 2012

Jennifer Love Hewitt tells Maxim she pole dances to achieve her sexy curves

The always beautiful Jennifer Love Hewitt flaunts her gorgeous curves in Maxim magazine, weeks before her  racy new show 'The Client List' hits screens. As 'The Client List' centres on Jennifer's character engaging in some risqué behaviour to earn extra money when her family hits tough times, it isn't surprising Jennifer is talking about her new found love for pole dancing. She explains pole dancing is a way for her to stay in touch with her sexual side and get the benefits of a work-out at the same time. I was dragged into doing a pole dancing class once and it was extremely difficult! Climbing that pole is no small feat, let me just say that. Apart from her unconventional exercise routine, Jennifer also talked of how she loves to bake - my kind of girl! - revealing her domestic side. Sounds to me like pole dancing and cake baking would certainly be the way to a man's heart but at 33, Jennifer remains single, although she has acquired a busy dating history. As for being dateless right now, Jennifer reasons that despite what some may think, men never approach her. It might sound so stupid, but guys do not hit on me. I'm not really sure why.” Intimidation comes to mind! Regardless, I think she looks amazing and has clearly not lost her appeal just yet. 

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