March 15, 2012

Fit fitness in and make the change

Being fit doesn't have to mean you have your nutritionist on speed dial, you see your personal trainer more than you see your mum and you pay more on your gym membership than you do on your rent. The road to fitness can be much more simple (and less expensive). You can and should be moving your body everyday; think walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift, parking further away from the grocery store and carrying your shopping with a slightly bent elbow (to work your biceps), or just jumping off the bus one stop before you normally would and walking the extra distance.

Be mindful of your core muscles and squeeze your abs when you are doing household chores, like wiping the bench, vacuuming or scrubbing the shower (yes, scrubbing the shower but let's face it, everyone has to do it!). Core muscles are often weak in those who sit down for long periods each day, which is most of us if you have an office job, and these muscles are crucial in ensuring your back doesn't do all the work in powering your movements. Weak core muscles can also be problematic when you become pregnant and terrible back ache can ensue.

A great approach to each day is to wake up in the morning and do some star jumps, simple squats and push-ups. Or just switch of the radio and do a rendition of Cameron Diaz in Charlie's Angels in the scene when she wakes up in the morning, that looked like a pretty solid morning workout to me...

Whatever you do, avoid anything that makes you feel negative; do things that make you feel good and you will associate that positive feeling with exercise. You'll realise there is always time to exercise.

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