March 13, 2012

Super fit Jodhi Meares - obsessive or healthy?

Rumours have spread that former swimsuit model and fashion label owner Jodhi Meares has whittled her frame down to 47kg. At 39, Jodhi is adamant her lean form is due to her new devotion to yoga.
"She is a yoga nut. She works out for three hours a day and has become a fitness fanatic," said a friend.
Having sold her successful Tigerlily label to Billabong, Meares is living comfortably on the proceeds and her retainer as a consultant.
"I exercise for about three hours a day during the week, more on the weekend. What else are you going to do? Go to lunch? That's just sitting around."
To me, it sounds like she needs to find a passion beyond fitness. What do you think? 

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