March 18, 2012

How to not eat lots of chocolate at night

This extract is taken from Backwards in High Heels by Tania Kindersley and Sarah Vine. 

For some reason, it has taken us almost forty years to master this one, and even now we're not sure we've quite managed it. You know how it is: you've been good all day, you've eaten your five fruits and colourful vegetables, you've drunk water, you've avoided caffeine and crisps. You've eaten your nutritionally complete supper and now you're just settling down to watch a nice bit of television, or read a book, or wander about on the internet and something, somewhere, in the darkest recesses of the most primitive corner of your brain, starts up the mantra: cho-co-late; cho-co-late. It's like some ancient drum-beat, an irresistible siren call. Before you know it, you're surrounded by empty wrappers, and you can't even remember how. Or why. All you know is how much, and it's a lot, enough to awaken the serpent of self-loathing, who more often than not takes one look at the carnage and says, in a hissy voice: Oh what the hell, you may as well scoff the whole lot! 

Rule number one: count to ten before you reach for the box, bar or tin. It's a very simple rule but it works. Then select no more than three chocolate and put them on a small plate. Now put away the remaining chocolates. Do not take them with you. Eat your chosen chocolates slowly and consciously. Savour it. It helps also if the chocolate is of highest grade. Embrace the smug feeling of being in control. 

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