October 29, 2013

Kim Kardashian's Weight Loss 'The Biggest Challenge Of My Life'

That Twitter pic
After a highly publicized and scrutinized pregnancy, Kim Kardashian has worked hard to regain her fitness and body confidence. Following a strict Atkins Diet program, Kim lost 43 of the 50 pounds she gained while pregnant with baby North. Regular exercise and breast feeding has also helped the reality star to downsize within a few months.

The Akins Diet focuses on consuming a high protein diet with limited carbohydrates, which shifts your body into fat burning mode and revs up your metabolism. Popular 10 years ago, the Atkins Diet has been criticized for its high in fat and cholesterol meal plans, which could negatively affect heart health.

A rep for Atkins told US Magazine, "She is eating lots of lean proteins, healthy fats like nuts and avocado, carbs, fruits, veggies and cheese. She wanted to be a healthy, nursing mom and not toxify her milk with her diet or lose weight too quickly. She's been doing Atkins since her doctor approved it at the end of June."
Just engaged
Newly engaged Kim has even more motivation to reach her goal with glamourous wedding in the works and a fiancé to keep on his toes, saying "you want your guy to think you're really hot." After posting a picture of herself on Twitter wearing a white one-piece, her man Kayne West tweeted 'HEADING HOME NOW.' Sounds like he is already convinced of his wife-to-be's beauty.

It wasn't the pregnancy Kim expected, suffering from many complications carrying baby North, who was born several weeks premature. Experiencing intense scrutiny and criticism during her pregnancy, especially of her weight gain, Kim admitted the bullying wore her down.

“Little by little it would chip away at my soul. I wanted to tune out the media and my public life and ignore it all. This was the biggest challenge of my life, and I still have some to go. Every day I would hear people criticize me, and it would affect me.”

Pregnant Kim Kardashian
Now Kim has lost the weight, she finally feels like herself again, reclaiming her enviable curves. Following an Atkins type diet is a great way to see results immediately. I would recommend eating lean protein at every meal time and limiting carbs to a small serve of brown rice and quinoa. Find out more at The Atkins Website.

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