October 24, 2013

Kristen Bell Talks Body After Baby

Kristen Bell has ticked off two major milestones this year; giving birth to her daughter, Lincoln and marrying her baby daddy, Dax Shepard. During such an exciting time in Kristen's life, including returning to movie making, the actress has put returning to her pre-baby body on the back burner. Recognising the mental stress and pressure on women to bounce back into shape, Kristen is filtering out negativity and keeping her focus on her new family.

"The secret to body after baby is flushing down the toilet every notion of body after baby. Honestly!...I made a commitment to not allow my narrative for the year after having a baby to be about my weight. And I think that freed me up and it made me less concerned with all the pressures that revolve around body image. I was like, 'I have a baby. Do you know how awesome that is? It's so radical! Why on earth am I going to be so concerned with my pants size?'"

Pre-baby with now husband Dax Shepard

She is in no rush to return back to the toned figure that caught lots of attention, especially when she flaunted her abs in 'Forgiving Sarah Marshall' and everyone took notice. As a vegetarian of almost two decades, Kristen tries to avoid dairy but isn't jumping onto a restrictive diet plan to lose weight.

"It's like, by the way, don't you want to look like you've had a baby? I'm sitting here with you, I'm crunched over, I have a huge muffin top—who cares?"

Getting back to work post-baby

"Devouring a whole cheesecake with my girlfriends can feel incredible! I'm always going to be the kind of person who treats myself," Kristen has said. To combat her serious sweet tooth, she tries to stay active. "If I can burn 10 calories by avoiding the elevator, I'm all for it," she says. "More flights of stairs means I can eat more candy!"

Busy working, being a mummy and wife, Kristen isn't spending hours in the gym to lose weight but she hasn't opted out of exercising. Three times a week she does a short run (saying over 20 minutes is something to be celebrated!) and adds Pilates and the occasional spin class to the mix. To slim down fast for stepping out, Spanx or "post-surgical compression outfits" have become Kristen's trick.

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