January 13, 2015

Ariana Grande's Vegan Diet and Fitness Regime

The cute little Pop Princess Ariana Grande has become a passionate vegan, preferring to eat fruit and vegetables over her furry friends. Ariana is quoted to 'love animals more than I love most people' and is a firm believer in eating a full plant-based, whole food diet that can expand your life length. Attributing the vegan lifestyle to actually making her happier, Ariana has left behind her Italian roots by saying goodbye to meats and cheese, joking that she has had enough in her young life to last her a lifetime. Although the singer admits her grandparents still have a heart attack when she turns down the meatballs at the dinner table.

Being a vegan can seem to confine you to a strict diet begging the question what does Ariana eat? Striving the eat organically from a young age, Ariana is no stranger to healthy eating but was quick to eliminate processed food and meat from her diet. She admits dining out can be tricky but sticks to what she knows by choosing vegetable and salad options. If the suitable meals are small, she tops up her intake with eating more when she gets home. On the run, she takes snacks like almonds and cashews to nibble and hydrates with coconut water. In support of her commitment to veganism, Peta sent her a bunch of recipes to get started on the vegan lifestyle.

A vibrant and active performer, Ariana's main form of exercise is dancing, often in 5-inch heels! On her downtime, the singer loves to hike, jumps of the elliptical trainer and always fits in some daily meditation. With an incredible busy schedule of performing, rehearsing, recording, and photo shoots, Ariana credits meditation to helping keep her grounded.

What Ariana thinks is the most important factor in feeling good is building a solid self esteem foundation. The singer believes there are 'too many girls who don’t like themselves' and she urges her fans to look deep down within yourself to find what defines you, the beautiful and unique qualities of you. Ariana stresses that hair and makeup, nice clothes, and photoshopping don’t make a person beautiful.

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