March 09, 2014

Cute and Easy Cake and Party Planning Tricks

Great Gatsby themed party table at the Confetti Fair

Glitter, sparkles, cute cookie cut-outs and colour themes were aplenty at the Confetti Fair on Saturday. The Confetti Fair (Brisbane) gathered party planner extraordinaries and cupcake aficionados to share their wisdom on cake decorating, sugar spinning and flavour combinations. Each company had set up a table of sweet delights arranged in tantalising towers that had you instantly feeling like Willy Wonker was behind its invention. Craft mums and sugar-high girly girls sifted through polka dot cupcake liners and pastel pink paper straws to stock their (inevitably overflowing) pantries.

Glamour Gold Theme

Apart from being quite startled at the enthusiasm some have over discussing the multiple uses for mason jars (which in case you didn't know is THE essential party server), I learnt what the heck is fondant icing and how you manhandle the stuff at home to create some pretty impressive edible flowers to make even Martha Stewart proud. There was also a fabulous retro caravan that had been converted into a portable bar so that straight after the 'I DOs' you can fetch a drink at the end of the aisle and get the party started.

Sweet Dreams baby shower table by Kara

I'm pretty sure I inhaled a fair bit of glitter, which was sparkling through the air. That glorious sparkly stuff adorned jars, trays, cups, spoons and was even worked into macaron shells (I assume that last one was edible glitter but I didn't test the theory). Cake pops shaped in lips had me especially excited as they doubled for props in obligatory selfie shots.

A party-planning guru led a workshop on hosting ideas (I think she is famous, she party plans with Tori Spelling so that's pretty legit) and I thought I would share her super easy and quick ideas with y'all (Kara's a southern belle and referenced hunting super casually, if you know what I mean).

Milk jars topped with a decadent cookie for a take on 'milk and cookies'


Basically you can whack some PVC on anything, cover with glitter and you have glitzed up your party instantly. What I learnt that is amazing about this idea is that soak the item in water, and the glitter and glue washes right off! You can cover the first third of your glasses with glitter for a chic look, coat the outside of your cake display or glitter the handle of your cutlery. When done, you can simply soak the items in the sink with some warm water and they are back to their boring old selves. Genius.


Do you dream in themes? Well party planners do. Get your creative socks on and think up a look or feel for your party. Baby Shower = Sweet Dreams. 30th = Gatsby. Little Girl Birthday = Princess (obviously). Engagement Party = Rustic Chic. You get it? Anyway once you have a theme you pick a colour scheme, which should consist of a main three colours. Think white, with accents of lilac, blue and yellow for a baby shower. Bold red and green with accents of yellow and gold for a Mexican fiesta. Pink, gold glitter and pearl white for my birthday... naturally. For more ideas, and an excuse to lose hours of your life, look up Kara's website.

Valentine's Day Picnic Party

Paper straws
Pink and Gold Theme

Signature Cocktails


Okay so Julia Child said a party without cake is simply a gathering and she was right. You absolutely cannot have a party without a cake, it is just not right. Macarons are great and all and really pretty but when it comes to the sweet pièce de résistance you need a glorified sugar and butter creation (or stevia and coconut oil copy if you are a skinny sweet eater).

Rustic Cake at Kara's Rustic Chic Table
Arrow Cupcakes

Heart Cake Wreath Topper

Make your cake spectacular by cutting it into layers and icing it, covering it with edible pearls or making your own fondant shapes. It sounds like a job required for someone super talented but it actually isn't that difficult. Plus there are heaps of cute cupcake toppers and cake toppers you can buy these days.

Kitch Cupcake Toppers

Heart-shaped cut outs filled with icing

Another tip is to bake the cupcake and then cut out a small shape like a heart and fill it with icing. So simple, even a baking virgin could handle the task.


Cute little tricks can really make your guests nod in appreciation of your creativity and admiration of your domestic goddess ways. 

Here's a few quick and easy ideas to inspire you:
  • Serve punch with mis matched tea cups
  • Freeze edible rose petals in ice cubes for girly drinks
  • Cover balloons with lace cloth and fasted with ribbon to add a soft touch 
  • Use a stamp to print messages or shapes onto paper napkins to personalise 
  • Hang up paper decorations to transform your space
  • Set up a photo booth by hanging a coloured piece of material against the wall for a glamorous backdrop
  • Spray glitter basically on anything - and be prepared to see said glitter for weeks to come
  • Candles, candles, candles
  • Did you know you can buy a metal stamper? Means you can print on your own cutlery to make a special gift - ooh DIY project!
  • Make up gift bags or take home boxes for guests filled with lollies and novelty items

Make your own cupcake station


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