April 03, 2013

Brooke Burke's butt workout and morning shake recipe

Brooke Burke sits firmly in place as one of my all-time-favourite fitness inspirations. She takes such good care of her body and it shows in her amazing shape and glowing skin. The 40-year-old takes her fitness seriously and I always look to her for new tips on toning, especially for the butt. While Brooke has released a workout DVD, which I plan to add to my collection, you can find some excellent express exercises to do at home by looking on you tube. I've posted my particular favourite video below, which is a butt burning series of moves that will really tone up your trouble areas. 

Brooke's breakfast contains a shake of coconut water, berries, 1 scoop of protein powder, omega oils and some kale. She blends this together every morning for a great breakfast on-the-go and she also credits this combination to keeping her skin fresh and her body lean.

For more workout tips from the actress and model, check out Fitness Magazine's list of Brooke's favourite gym exercises. 

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