September 11, 2012

Miley Cyrus brags on the benefits of gluten-free eating but does it really equal weight loss?

So everyone has noticed Miley's recent weight loss, which I must say has now been superseded by her rather dramatic hair transformation. I don't like her new hair so I am not going to post a pic of it! But google it if you haven't seen it already. Miley is attributing her new weight loss to eliminating gluten from her diet, something which I have also done in my own eating plan. Whether you are allergic to gluten or not, some people can be gluten sensitive and find their digestive systems work more efficiently without eating any gluten.

In terms of eliminating gluten from your diet for direct health benefits, I don't think it can be measured in black and white. Gluten is only bad for people who are either intolerant or sensitive to the substance, which is found mostly in products with wheat. If your body doesn't have any difficulty processing gluten, you do not need to cut it from your diet. What I think attributes to weight loss in those who cut gluten is by following the gluten-free diet you tend to avoid heavy carb foods like pizza, white bread, pastries and sugary cereals.

Gluten-free doesn't necessarily mean healthy; gluten-free foods can be high in GI and low in dietary fibre meaning you can end up eating more calories than you need. If you can tolerate a diet rich in complex carbohydrates, go right ahead! Wholemeal breads that free from preservatives are great for you, keep you satisfied and prevent bowel cancer.

For me, the gluten-free diet works wonders for my stomach health and comfort. I have lost weight following the program but I mostly eat a clean diet of fruit and vegetables with protein. I don't eat a lot of 'gluten-free' products except for a little gluten-free bread and rice crackers. Gluten-free muffins, cookies and cakes can be just as fattening as the regular versions. It certainly does not fast-track you to skinny.