April 16, 2012

Is sugar the devil in a Sunday hat? Why sugar could be called poison

I have written this post based on the very interesting book 'Sweet Poison', written by David Gillespie. David basically preaches sugar is the devil, 'sugar coated' with enticing looks and pretty promises of 'fat-free' virtues. I don't think it's any revelation that sugar can make you fat, it's basically extra energy that your body has to burn without any of the vitamins needed for your body to run efficiently or with any effect of satiety. You could eat the same calories in a full healthy dinner by eating a small packet of jelly beans. Sugar can be a dieters nightmare, making calorie cutting difficult and your job at the gym more demanding.

In his book, David explains in well-researched detail that the human body is largely ill-equipped to deal with the highly processed sugar and refined flour diet of modern day society. As someone who doesn't eat gluten or dairy, I tend to agree your body works more efficiently when you eat natural and organic foods. David was inspired to research and write his book based on his own weight loss journey, during which he lost 40 kilos from elminiating sugar from his diet. Similarly to me, David now finds it hard to eat anything very sugary if he decides to treat himself because it tastes, well so sweet! I do agree that once you weane yourself off sugar, you won't go back to having much in your diet, and you will definately lose weight from this move alone.

I agree that cutting sugar from your diet will help greatly in weight loss, but I don't support his theory of eating whatever you like, as long as it is free of sugar. After cutting sugar from his diet, David does find it easier to stick to only eating when he is hungry, and stopping eating when he is satisfied. I think this is more the key to maintaing a healthy weight. Cutting sugar from his diet has also helped with improving his energy levels and sleeping patterns, which I would imagine have also improved with his weight loss.

While his book is fascinating, I wouldn't buy it unless you are really interested in the full comprehensive examination of the biology behind weight and food. David suggests eating about 10 grams of sugar a day, since it would be impossible to avoid it alltogether; this equates to a couple of pieces of fruit. Of course I think we all need our treat moments (clearly) and as always, if you practice balance in your diet, you can maintain a healthy weight.

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