December 18, 2011

Celebrity gym wear inspiration

Kim Kardashian
Nothing kills my motivation more to get my butt to the gym than a dismal work out wardrobe. The first thing you must do when getting fit is investing in some decent exercise clothes. Staple pieces are stretchy pants in flattering cuts (in Australia, the only brand I have found to make these is Lorna Jane), a selection of sports bras that are well covered and supported, long singlets and a trusty jacket to throw on when you make your entry and exits.

Lorna Jane workout wear

Don't forget to also take with you:
* a pretty gym towel (Missoni make gorgeous prints)
* an eco water bottle
* plenty of hair ties or headband
* a supportive pair of trainers
* a glamourous pair of sunnies
* a light powdered make up, bronzer and lip gloss to touch up
* dry shampoo, antiseptic wipes and deodourant to freshen up.

Hilary Duff

Some may roll their eyes at my glamourous approach to my styling choices for working out but it truly makes me feel better. Many women I talk to feel self conscious about going to the gym for reasons of appearance - and while it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks - it's about how you feel about yourself. After a few visits, I guarantee your confidence will lift.

Nicole Richie

If I ever need a little inspiration, I look to see what celebs are wearing on their way to the gym. Like most girls, I love shopping and buying a new work out wear piece will be reason enough to get me to the gym. Can't say it makes me want to run any harder on the treadmill... but hey, one step at a time.

Kourtney Kardashian


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