December 05, 2011

Brownies made with raw cacao

I gave a twist to Melinda's Gluten-free brownie mix by adding some goji berry and coconut raw cacao and shredded coconut in replace of the normal chocolate chips. To reduce the fat content, I replaced the 6 tablespoons of butter required with a dash of vegetable oil and 1/4 cup of lactose-free reduced-fat milk.

Raw cacao is part of the antioxidant list of super foods. The raw chocolate is packed with vitamins and minerals in substantially large amounts. Raw cacao is rich in flavour, and without the added milk and sugar in most other chocolates, it may not taste like what you expect from chocolate. My mum had a nibble of my 'chocolate' and screw up her face. However, if you like dark chocolate, you will probably like raw cacao and it is a great addition to dessert recipes. I like the Conscious Chocolate range, which comes in flavours like Mint, Orange and Nuts. Organic and hand-made, you can tell the care taken in making these bars, which are vegan and very guilt free. Check the goods out at Cute packaging too.

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