December 09, 2011

Indulgent tea

Herbal tea not only offers many health benefits, it is virtuosly sugar-free and the perfect skinny treat. All day long, I religiously sip my favourite herbal teas of green, camomile and ginger.

Since I have become so in love with my tea habit, I decided to investigate the best tea on the market. For the most sumptious indulgent tea combinations, you cannot exceed Tea Forté. This luxury brand of tea has irristable flavours like lemon sorbetti, cucumber mint, white pear and ginger, cherry cosmo, kiwi lime ginger, and lychee coconut. Amazing.

Oprah said 'If you are a tea lover, this is as good as it gets.' Try sipping out of gorgeous Wedgewood tea cups or scour an antique store for floral mugs.

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