November 18, 2011

Nicole Richie perfect summer style

Summer doesn't have to mean scary skimpy clothes that give you a panic attack as the cooler months draw to a close. Nicole Richie shows that floaty dresses are the most gorgeous summer option and don't involve needing to douse yourself in cellulite cream, fake tan and forgiving shimmery bronzer. I like to pair a maxi dress of this style (my fave brand for stunning pieces is naturally Nicole's own line - Winter Kate) with another Nicole trend, the vintage denim jacket. I recently bought a cute pale blue Wrangler jacket that dresses up summer outfits instantly, paired over a floral dress or even to walk to the gym.

As my gym is in the middle of the city, I like to feel more put together than wearing a singlet and shorts when I venture in to do a workout. I roll the sleeves of my jacket up, put of some bright Napolean lipgloss (I love pink) and braid the side of my hair to make my ponytail look a little more special. That way I can run errands after my work out without feeling like a sweaty betty!

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