November 22, 2011

Create your own happy space

The way my apartment looks and feels is an integral part of shaping my mood. A messy space equates to a disorganised day; I just don't feel as in control of my environment, which tends to lead to wayward diet habits and neglectful exercising philosophies. The first picture of this post is of my little living room, my favourite happy place. While the second picture attached to my post is not that of my apartment - sadly - (it is pictures of Megan Hess's gorgeous home and an accompanying illustration from her collection), the look does inspire me on how to decorate my own home.

Adding lighting, candles, vintage frames, fresh blooms, rugs and artwork are a way to make your space looked 'lived in' and stylish. I fill my apartment with scented candles, my fave cooking and fashion books, kitchy colourful pieces, vintage crockery, old Hollywood prints and faux flowers in hand-me-down vases.

When I have spent an hour dedicated to sprucing up my space, it really puts a kick in my step for the day when I am proud of my own little piece of the world. A happy home translates to a happy you, which is an important part of taking care of yourself. This weekend, think about a few little touches you could add to your home; pop down to your local antique store, make a day trip to Ikea (is a work-out in itself!), travel to the markets for some cheap and cheerful blooms, or rip out the vacuum - yes it really can make all the difference! You will be surprised how good it can make you feel.

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