August 23, 2011

when drinking, moderation is the key

What is wrong with this picture? There is no question that alcohol consumption is an easy way to gain weight. Empty calories and an inability for your body to burn fat means that regular overconsumption of alcohol will have negative effects on your body. But do you really have to give up drinking alltogether?

Like any treat foods, drinking should be treated with moderation. A glass of champagne typically contains 100 calories, which isn't disastrous. If you have three or four however, you have consumed equal to one meal. Cocktails made with sugar and mixed spirits can contain a much higher energy content and should be a special treat. The key is to keep your consumption to less than two or three drinks and watch the sugar content per glass.

Another trap in gaining weight after drinking is choosing poor eating habits. Downing a greasy kebab or cheese-loaded piece of pizza after a night out is a big mistake and can be the primary culprit to weight gain. Especially as alcohol prevents your body from burning excess calories consumed.

Remember to keep your drinks to a minimum and factor them into your daily calorie consumption. Go easy on the carbs in your evening meal and skip dessert on the nights you want a few drinks. Also squeeze in some exercise where you can, including going out dancing with your friends! This will help burn off the extra calories.

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