September 01, 2014

Loving your office space

Let's face it, we spend a whole lot of time chained to our desks… whether you are in corporate, own a small business, are into blogging or just have a penchant for online shopping, we are usually sitting somewhere staring at a computer screen. Considering it's a space we spend many of our hours, I think it's worth putting your personal touch and flair into 'the office'. 

Whatever your office is, the corner of your bedroom, a nook under the stairs or a its own fully fledged room, there is a host of cute and quirky homewards and accessories just waiting to spice up that space. It will make coming to work a little more fun and only be a tiny bit distracting (well we need to stay sane people!). Okay let's get into my tips, and I take no responsibility for the dint this may put in your latest hard-earned pay cheque ;)

Above pictures from pinterest.


Makes you want to write, something.

Rifle Paper and Co Birds of a Feather Notebook
Desk Calendar
Pastel Planners from

Polka Dot Notebooks
The Supplies

Staplers, notepads, pens and calculators? These websites have got the cutest versions of all the mentioned and more. Just keep a close eye on them, these are the kind of office supplies you don't want to go missing.

Kate Spade Folders

Paper Clips Kate Spade

Dessert Erasers from Tofu Cute

Borrow my Pen? From
Russel and Hazel Acrylic Stapler and Tape Dispenser Set 

The Decorative Bits

Add your own personal style and flair aka the fun part.

Inspirational prints from
A Donut Pillow - what dream are made of. Find at
DIY Chalk Board from Wallies Neon Pink Chalk Board Stickers
Oh Hello Friend Heart Tape
Steep Up to the Plate

Typo Prints
Hanging Planter by Gems by Lex at Etsy

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