April 15, 2014

'The Face' Model's Share Their Healthy Living Lifestyles

The latest 'search for a supermodel' TV show, The Face, brings together successful model to act as mentors to the young hopefuls. As I shudder at the thought of being 'mentored' by Naomi, aka the dictator, I can't help but notice the 41-year-old looks amazing. Not to be outdone, Naomi's Aussie-model co-stars, Cheyenne Tozzi and Nicole Trunfio are equally stunning and manage to exercise a little more empathy for their chosen teams.

One of my favourite parts of the show is watching the models strut into the room at the beginning on a scene when I can girl-crush their make up and outfits. I've already bought a Camilla and Marc dress that stole the show for me when Nicole wore it casually to jump around on a trampoline.

It's not surprising that all three models are wellness gurus, although I suspect that good genes is strongly at play with the beauties. Read on to learn a bit about each model's healthy living lifestyle and their tips to staying fit on-the-go.

Naomi Campbell

As an iconic beauty and seemingly-ageless supermodel, Naomi Campbell advocates healthy living in a bid to 'prevent, preserve and maintain'. Ignoring the fact that this somewhat creepy statement conjures images of Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her, I'm pretty sure Naomi is referring to her healthy lifestyle.

Briefly entertaining a vegetarian diet, Naomi eats what her body craves which is foods that make her feel 'light' and nourished.

"I like to eat something that I can eat as much as I want and know it’s not going to make me feel like passing out. It really is ‘you are what you eat.’ It’s basically that simple,” shares Naomi.

Her on-screen antics on The Face scare me silly, especially when she screams at her petrified team of hopeful models (of which she mentors). Her hard leadership style makes it no surprise that Naomi loves to practice intense yoga. While yoga can be meditative, the supermodel leans towards a practice that  Like many wellness devotees, Naomi starts her day with hot water and lemon, before heading off to her beloved yoga class.

“I can’t do a headstand if I’ve had food in my stomach or I feel awful. It’s just you want to feel your best, you want to get the best energy out of your day,” observes the model. I can imagine doing a headstand after a green smoothie could have disastrous results.

Acknowledging that genes do play a role in her ageless beauty, Naomi understands the reality of growing old and is committed to doing so with grace, which must be easier when you are still wrinkle free in your forties. Nevertheless, her ability to keep pace and compete with fresh-faced waifs who are decades her junior will have me skipping off to yoga this week in an effort to follow suit. Although I certainly won't be relying on it for anger management...

(Source: Access Hollywood)

Cheyenne Tozzi

Aussie-model and ultimate beach babe, Cheyenne Tozzi, has been gracing the covers of magazines since she was a teenager. Her natural beauty and tanned toned body has been catching everyone's attention on FOX8's 'The Face', a reality contest for finding a up-and-coming model. She's also my favourite, shhh, and not just because she has liked my Instagram pictures!

Naturally we want to know Cheyenne's philosophy on food and fitness, and how she balances healthy living with her busy schedule. Training with her fitness trainer three times a week for intense body conditioning, Cheyenne also favours exercising outdoors, doing watersports like paddle boarding (which is actually not as tricky as it looks). On-the-go, the model will hit the hotel gym and follow a program set by her trainer or do a short routine in her hotel room to get the blood pumping. Her favourite exercise? "Squats, squats, squats!"

An advocate of eating in moderation, Cheyenne loves food but fresh clean eats, like fish and veggies, not anything out of the packet. She makes one exception though, her secret love for Sara Lee Sticky Date Pudding occasionally needs to be satisfied! You know the one, in the freezer section, next to their equally delicious banana cake.... mmm.

Back to the healthy stuff... apart from the occasional treat, the gorgeous model eats like you would expect. “I always start with a glass of warm water with lemon; it's really good to get your body going. I'm not really a breakfast person, but I'll blend up a juice with kale and apples, nuts and berries or whatever is in the house. Today my mum made a beautiful goat's cheese caprese salad with tomatoes for lunch.

"Tonight I might have some fish and vegetables. I don't really snack. I might have a pear or an apple, I'll have a cup of coffee, but I don't graze. I prefer to eat at meal times. I'm Italian that way; a meal is like a feature film. My favourite meal is grilled salmon with mango, red onion, coriander and tomato chopped up all tiny and placed on top of the fish like bruschetta. It's so yummy.”

(Source: Sydney Morning Herald)

Nicole Trunfio

Stunning Nicole Trunfio, another hot Aussie model, steals the show when the camera sets eyes on the natural beauty. Another star of The Face, Nicole is a frequenter on designer catwalks around the world and often graces the pages of Vogue. Sharing the stage with Naomi and Cheyenne, Nicole holds her own both on and off the set.

She too has a passion for healthy living and staying fit. She exercises with her trainer three times a week to keep her killer legs lithe and takes every opportunity to move her body, using the stairs and walking as much as she can.

"Even if it's just half an hour, just doing it (exercise) is really important in keeping your body young and tight," says Nicole.

Growing up in an Italian family (much like Cheyenne did), Nicole has a passion for food and admits keeping her petite figure came naturally.

"I have always been balanced with my eating, I have good genes and haven’t ever had an issue with weight. I grew up in an Italian family so there was lots of pasta and carbs. I eat heathy, unhealthy 50/50," shares Nicole.

A big fan a green juices, Nicole now follows a clean eating regime, favouring salads and small protein serves. She recently underwent a detox during the filming of The Face, having her meals designed by her naturopath, whom she credits to changing her life and helping her feel better internally and externally.

The mind is as important to the model as her physical health. Swearing by sleep, 'it's so good for your body', Nicole also notes the importance of loving yourself.

"I think putting yourself first will cultivate the self-respect and nuturing you need to stay on top of your game. Once you start making a habit of that you can give so much more to others."

(Source: Pop Sugar)

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