July 22, 2012

Six weeks to getting OMG skinny - do we want to be skinnier than our friends?

Restrictive diets and controversy have long been linked and yet another questionable diet philosophy has got everyone talking. 

The author of 'Six weeks to OMG skinny', Venice A. Fulton, has defended his diet book saying "before this book hit the mainstream, it came under lots of fire. With OMG and Skinny in the title, I suppose it was to be expected. What I didn’t expect, was criticism from those who hadn’t actually read it. That’s like criticizing your blind date before they show up!"

He has a point. In this society, we are so politically minded, we jump at anyone who brags about being thin or who points out our lack of dietary restraint. What I think Venice gets right in his diet mantra is to get rid of the hype and nonsense surrounding a healthy diet and look at the facts, which is something I truly believe in myself. Eat healthy foods, exercise each day and stay mindful. Venice reminds us to see ourselves accurately; to not convince ourselves we are healthy if we are overweight or underweight. A change can only happen when you truly see yourself.

When it comes to being 'skinnier' than your friends, I do not think this is a goal anyone should try to achieve (if that wasn't already blindingly obvious to you!). Friends will constantly judge you, despite being your friends, because that is human nature. You need to create a lifestyle for yourself where you are in control of your diet and health and feel confident with you are. Whether your friends are intimidated by this self-assuredness or not will not make a difference to your end goal of being a happy person. A word of warning though, in such a superficial society, weight can make even the best of friends change their relationship.

This book may just be another attempt to change our mindset on how we eat and feel about our bodies, but I really liked how Venice emphasised focussing on ourselves - and not to worry about what others think.

"If there’s one thing I’d love you to take away from reading this book, it’s a new found respect for you. Hold on for a second, don’t just skip past that sentence because your brain has heard it before.
Respect yourself. I mean it. I’m not heading down the clich√© known as, “if you don’t respect yourself, who will? ”. That’s not relevant! You need to respect yourself, fully and always make the smartest decisions."

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