February 17, 2013

Skinny Yoghurt Drops

I used to love indulging in a bag of those ridiculously addictive yoghurt drops, until I realized it was like engulfing handfuls of white chocolate! Packed with sugar and fat, they were not such a healthy treat. Hence why I was delighted to find this clever little idea for homemade yoghurt drops that are actually good for you and so easy to make! Simply pick your favourite yoghurt of choice, pipe onto a tray (you can use a small plastic bag with a hole cut out), and freeze for one hour. Remember to pick your yoghurt choice wisely too. Lots of yoghurts are full of sugar, and milk products can be hard for some to digest. Sheep's milk yoghurt is easier on your digestion, and soy or coconut milk yoghurts are free from lactose. Plain yoghurt is always a good option too, which you can flavour to your own preference, using honey, pureed fruits or stevia sweetener if you want it sugar free. Thanks to One Good Thing by Jillee for the idea.



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