January 12, 2016

Karissa Pukas - How to Build your Booty

Who is she?

Karissa Pukas has been a little starlet on You Tube for years now, making quite the name for herself for beautifully edited videos on everything from skincare, makeup, fashion and vlogs. A Canadian living in Australia, Karissa lives with her boyfriend Glen and her super cute chihuahua Lola.

What is she up to?

She has recently kicked up a gear in her vlogging and we love seeing what she is up to, like beach trips and market exploring, hitting the gym and making healthy meals, or showing us how she planted her vegetable garden. Watch one here where she does a circuit training session or watch this one for vegan and vegetarian meal ideas.

How does she inspire us?

After hitting the gym for the past few months, Karissa posted about her current progress in the gym and how she has achieved some serious goals! We love seeing girls inspiring each other to make better choices and feel confident, strong and happy! Let's see what she wrote down below…. and can we just say, looking AMAZING Karissa!!!

I was always insecure about my ass. I grew up quite athletic, but skinny and flat as a pole (my friends always called me lamp shade when I wore a skirt…)

It never made things easier that I fell into a job where every aspect of my body and personality was scrutinized. I had always been athletic and had no problem gaining muscle and tone everywhere else on my body- but my legs and butt were my ‘problem spot’ I just thought it couldn’t be done and it was what it was How wrong was I.

The past 4 months I’ve focused on eating more consistently (making sure I’m eating a good mixture of protein and slow release carbs) and lifting. Heavy. Pushing myself more than I ever have before. I was always afraid of looking bulky up top and convinced myself that cardio was 'enough’ and I couldn’t have been more wrong. Lifting has changed my life - physically and mentally. It’s just the start of my journey and I’m pretty stoked to see where it takes me. #LampPostNoMore

HUGE thanks to my mom, @nikkiblackketter and @buffbunny for the daily inspiration. Who run the world…?

Tell us, who is your inspiration??

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