September 06, 2011

don't worry, be happy

We all lack motivation from time to time, especially when you have to get out of bed early to do a workout or you are having a bad day at work.

Try these tips to get yourself smiling again and feeling happy. I always find that when I am happy and confident feeling, my eating habits are more consistent than when I am feeling down in the dumps. And no, one of these suggestions does not involve reaching for the chocolate biscuits jar!

Get Moving: Research shows that just a few minutes of exercise boosts self-esteem and confidence, even if no physical changes are seen.

Show those Pearly Whites: Look at yourself in the mirror and smile. Research shows that when babies see smiling faces, they become happier. Try it.

Phone a Friend: Sharing a quick story with someone you care about boosts your mood instantly.

Pamper Yourself: Do something to make yourself feel beautiful. A lunchtime mani, eyebrow wax, or half-hour massage will leave you feeling pretty and taken care of.

Play DJ: Turn up your favorite tunes and start dancing. The movement will increase endorphins and the happy memories related to your favorite song will instantly boost your mood.

Keep a Success Journal: Whenever you succeed at something (especially the small things, like ordering a salad instead of a hamburger, pushing yourself for a minute longer during your workout, or holding the door for someone) write it down! By positively reinforcing your good attributes, you'll like yourself more and improve your outlook.

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